Put simply, CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring technology. This fat freezing procedure has been performed nearly 8 million times worldwide, is done in over 80 countries, and is backed by more than 100 peer- reviewed studies (FYI that’s more than any other fat reduction or body sculpting technology out there). It is FDA-cleared, non-surgical and totally non-invasive. There is little to no downtime so you can get back to your daily activities right away (who has time to lay around and recover from anesthesia and an invasive, unpredictable, and uncomfortable procedure)?


If you struggle with diet and exercise resistant fat or you simply are a victim of annoying genetics (thanks mom for those thunder thighs, grandma for the bat wings, dad for the man boobs or spare tire), CoolSculpting is a perfect way to reshape your body in undeniable ways, so you can look and feel your best.

A whopping 88% of people are concerned with extra fat on their body, so you are certainly not alone. Sculpt Cypress understands your body struggles and has done thousands and thousands of CoolSculpting treatments (over 5,000 in fact) on people just like you. Regardless if you are active, eating well, and just looking for small changes to your body or if you are starting your slimming down journey and need a little motivation to get you going, CoolSculpting is for you. From Coolsculpting for men, to Coolsculpting for women, CoolSculpting helps all ranges of people achieve their desired outcome and say goodbye to stubborn bulges and pockets of fat for good. How cool is that?

At this point, we’re sure there’s only one question in mind and that’s, “Is CoolSculpting real?”. So, does coolsculpting really work? The answer: Yes it does! So, should you talk any coolsculpting provider in Cypress, TX and avail their services? SPOILER ALERT, not all CoolSculpting providers are created equal! We will get into this later but DO NOT BE FOOLED, just because an office or a doctor has a CoolSculpting machine, doesn’t mean you should trust your fat freezing results to them, CLICK HERE or watch the video below to find out why going to the right provider (a CoolSculpting expert) can mean the difference between a scary CoolSculpting result (yikes!) or an amazing CoolSculpting result.



If you are a self-proclaimed nerd and want the scientific explanation behind the technology HERE. If you simply want a high-level understanding on how CoolSculpting works, continue on.

So, how does CoolSculpting get rid of fat cells? With cold of course! The CoolSculpting applicator will chill your unwanted fat cells to a certain temperature (around -9C) for a specific amount of time (35 to 75 minutes) and your body will tell those fat cells to die. Luckily, a fat cell is much more intolerant of the cold than other cells in your body. No other cells, such as nerve, skin, or muscle cells are damaged during the procedure, yahoo! After the treatment ends, a 2-minute frozen fat massage will damage those crystallized fat cells so the body can’t repair them. These damaged fat cells will die over a 2-3 day period and then the dead fat cells will take 2-4 months to flush out of your body (about a French fry worth of fat a day) leaving a more sculpted you! The skin is not negatively compromised (no loose skin) and results are beautiful and lasting.

Once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good and will not come back! The remaining fat cells will compress and leave you with an undeniable reduction in the fat layer. You will appreciate your results for a lifetime so long as you maintain your healthy lifestyle. Not only will you feel the difference, but your before and after photos will show the difference.


As CoolSculpting has grown in popularity so has it’s FDA-clearances for new treatment areas. When we began freezing fat 8 years ago, we could only treat the stomach and love handles. All other pockets of unwanted fat couldn’t be sculpted. Fortunately, CoolSculpting is here to stay because of how effective it is and how many people want body contouring. Today we can treat even more areas of stubborn fat such as the double chin, upper arms, bra line, back fat, love handles, abdomen, inner and outer thigh, banana roll (the fat that sits between your glute and hamstring) and distal thighs. As one of the Nation’s top CoolSculpting providers, Scuplt Cypress always has the newest and most updated applicators (in fact, CoolSculpting often sends us applicators not yet available to other less experienced providers) to launch the latest applicators (they make treatments faster, more effective, and more comfortable) into the market place so they can happily and effectively freeze fat!




Your body has a fixed number of fat cells that get bigger or smaller as you gain or lose weight.


When you have the CoolSculpting treatment, fat cells freeze and start to die off.


During the process of cell death, fat cells begin to collapse.


Over the months that follow your procedure, other cells consume the dead fat cells, which are naturally processed and eliminated from the body.


Each and every person is in their own body; something we love about CoolSculpting is it doesn’t care or place judgement on where you are today or where you’ve been in the past. It meets you where you are! If you are lean and simply looking for small and final body sculpting tweaks, CoolSculpting is perfect. Likewise, if you are someone who is just starting your body transformation journey, CoolSculpting in conjunction with weight loss, can be insanely transformative, keep you motivated, and ensure you get lasting changes. If you have noticed less than welcomed body changes as of late and you simply want to get back to feeling like your old self, CoolSculpting is an ideal solution. Regardless of your scenario, CoolSculpting meets you exactly where you are at and with the right CoolSculpting


Our clients have zero time for nonsense. They appreciate that Scuplt Cypress has decided to be the master of one procedure, CoolSculpting, versus offering a variety of products and services haphazardly. Our clients love that we have multiple machines (this allows us to treat multiple treatment areas at one time), spa like rooms (so they can sit back relax and freeze their fat), an incredibly caring, thoughtful, professional, highly trained, and compassionate staff (because your experience is of paramount important) and the expertise needed to take you from where you are to where you want to be (because your body is our business)!


We are so thrilled that you asked this question, it means you are sick and tired of struggling with unwanted fat and ready to take the next step. Fortunately, most people are good candidates for CoolSculpting. There are a few things that could prevent you from moving forward with this incredible fat freezing procedure. Watch the video below or go through our collection of CoolSculpting images if you want to identify a few scenarios that would prevent you from being a great candidate for CoolSculpting.

Better yet, CLICK HERE to take the quiz so you know if CoolSculpting is great fit for you. At Scuplt Cypress our sole intention is to uplift people and have honest conversations about where you are at and what the technology can do for you. Coming in for a complementary consult is the next best step. Remember a whopping 70% of your outcome depends on applicator and treatment plan choice, applicator placement, after treatment massage, and two very important take-home instructions. As a result, you must go to a provider who knows what they’re doing, and we promise at Scuplt Cypress you are in the very best and most capable hands. After all, Scuplt Cypress couldn’t have earned the designation of the #1 provider in Houston, and have an outstanding reputation if we don’t deliver on promises. Click HERE to book your complimentary consult today.


We truly wish we had a dollar for every time someone asked this question (we’d be living on the beach by now). It is a wonderful question and it is not one we can answer accurately without seeing you in person (but there are good reasons for this so keep reading).

For just a moment, think about your own abdomen and then think about the abdomens of your family, coworkers, friends, and anybody else you hang out with. Did you see images of different shaped and sized abdomens? Of course, you did, we are all built differently and uniquely. The great news is Sculpt Cypress always offers complimentary consultations!

Your CoolSculpting investment is always dependent on 3 factors.


  • Which area(s) you want to treat

  • How much fat you have in those areas

  • How much fat you want gone


There is no way to know what your custom treatment plan and investment will be without seeing you and pinching your fat (don’t worry we do it all day long and love it). Bottomline, we would never want to give you pricing that is potentially inaccurate; that could create upset and conjure the same feelings associated with bait and switch operations and that’s not the experience we want for our clients.

Imagine calling a dentist and saying, “My tooth hurts, how much will it cost to fix?” At this stage the dentist has no clue if you cracked your tooth, have a cavity, broke a crown, or even need a root canal or oral surgery. You would go into the dentist for an assessment so they can assess the situation, lay out an ideal treatment plan, and give you accurate pricing. The great news Scuplt Cypress

always offers complimentary consultations, affordable CoolSculpting packages, and financing so you can truly reshape your body in the way you desire!


70% (wow that’s a big percentage) of your outcome is based on the correct treatment plan and applicator choice, the placement of the applicators, the massage done after the treatment (this gets you a 68% better reduction), and two very important take-home instructions that most offices have no idea are critical to your results (but Scuplt Cypress knows them).

Intrinsically people know that not all professionals, regardless of the industry, are equal, even when using the same tools (think of plastic surgeons, same tools but each one can achieve wildly different results for their patients). We have to keep this in mind when we are contemplating getting rid of our stubborn fat with CoolSculpting. When you do CoolSculpting, the results are long lasting, so do you want a long-lasting wow outcome, or one you want to hide behind clothes as the procedure wasn’t done by an expert (results are lasting either way)?

At Scuplt Cypress we have truly perfected the art of fat freezing with CoolSculpting. We eat, live, sleep, and breathe the technology because we think our clients deserve to get the very best results when investing their hard-earned money! Having performed over 5000 treatments, we have a reputation for excellence, affordable CoolSculpting, and top-notch staff for a reason and we can’t wait to freeze your fat.

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